An On-Grid Photovoltaic System a.k.a. Grid-Tied Solar System is a system that is connected to the utility grid. It is the most preferred system of Solar Rooftop. It’s two main components; a network of photovoltaic panels, and an inverter. When sunlight hits the Solar Photovoltaic Panels, electricity is produced, the electricity then runs from the solar panels through an inverter which turns the power from direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), which thereafter can be used for electronic appliances at home. The excess energy generated is directed towards the grid, in turn building a credit for the user to be cashed out at the end of the billing system. This process is known as Net Metering.

For example: If home appliances are turned on while solar power is being produced, the power runs through the switchboard, and the solar power is sent to those appliances. If electrical appliances are switched off, or if excess solar power is being produced, the power gets sent to the grid which is measured by the Bi-Directional meter. An electricity retailer appoints credits in exchange for the energy produced. During the night, when the solar power system is not producing energy, power would be drawn from the grid, which uses the credits earned from exporting solar power during the day.


  • Cost-effective and majorly reduces electricity bill
  • Easy to maintain as recurring cost of upkeeping the batteries is eliminated
  • Easier to install as they do not require a battery system
  • Excess power credit stored with utility grid company comes in use in times of solar under performance or malfunction
  • No storage losses involved due to interconnection of utility grid with the power generation system
  • Improvement in the tail-end grid voltages and reduction of system congestion
  • Long term energy and ecological security by a reduction in carbon emission
  • Synchronizes with other power sources incase grid power is not available
  • Generates highest amount of power comparatively, resulting in higher ROI
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