FARMSON offers Solar Home Lighting System equipped with a number of outstanding features like LED indications, battery status and protection functions. Micro Controller based Maximum Power Point Tracking technology which increases the charging efficiency. It is an eco-friendly power back up system. The output of this system can drive DC LED loads and Mobile Charging unit.

System features

·         Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology (MPPT)

·         Peak Efficiency 95%

·         Reverse Polarity Protection

·         Battery Monitoring System

·         Over Charge and Discharge protection

·         Load Short Circuit Protection / Overload Protection

·         Lighting Protection

·         Compact in Size

·         USB Output to Charge Mobile, MP3 and etc.


·         Economical

·         Non-Polluting

·         Low-Maintenance

·         Easy to Use in Resorts, Houses, Hostels etc.


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