A solar water pump is an application of photovoltaic technology which converts solar energy into electricity to run the pumping system. The solar water pump is powered by solar modules that help draw surface or groundwater out for irrigation. A typical solar powered pumping system consists of a solar panel array that powers an electric motor, which in turn powers a bore or surface pump. The water is often pumped from the ground or stream into a storage tank that provides a gravity feed, so energy storage is not needed for these systems. The sizing of the pump depends on the location and usage of the system.


  • Not reliable on any fuel or electricity to operate
  • Extremely low operating costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Increases productivity
  • Zero contribution towards pollution
  • Most reliable for farmers and remote areas
  • Unattended operation
  • Noiseless


  • Used for extracting water from ponds, rivers, borewells or other sources of water which are then used to meet the water requirements for irrigation, community water supply, livestock and other purposes
  • Most suitable where there is a frequent power failure or no grid power available
  • Ideal for remote areas, villages, institutes
  • Useful for Resorts, Warehouse Areas, Ports, Army Camps, Pathways, and roads
  • Battery charging & Lighting, when pump is not required for water lifting
  • Beneficial in Irrigation, Horticulture, Farming, Poultry Farming, etc
Solar Pump Solution

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